Purpose of the I.A.T.W.C. Curriculum

• An established method to educate each instructor and student in Wing Chun in a systematic way
• Ensure each instructor and student receives the same training
• Prevent loss of techniques; ensure the art of Wing Chun is passed completely
• Guarantee no instructor or student is cheated in regarding the art

Overall view of the IATWC Curriculum

Level 1:

• 1st form
• 1st two hand techniques, footwork, turns
• Introduction reflex training exercise
• Reflex training exercise
• Kicks

Level 2:

• 2nd form
• Remaining hand techniques
• Leg techniques
• Reflex training exercise

Level 3:

• Defense against high kicks
• Reflex training exercise

Level 4:

• Sparring 1 on 1
• Reflex training exercise

Level 5:

• Assistance training apparatus to develop position, footwork, and techniques
• Sparring 2 on 1
• Reflex training to unbalance an opponent
One year wait to perfect previously learned techniques and to prepare for the higher level techniques

Level 6:

• Continuation of assistance apparatus training to develop position, footwork, and techniques

Level 7:

• 3rd form

Level 8:

• 1st weapon form

Level 9:

• 2nd weapon form

Level 10:

Specialized learning in a variety of subjects which may include:
• Chinese medicine
• Gigong (meditation)
• Specific hitting & kicking methods

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